What is the EDI & what does it tell us?

The Early Development Instrument is a questionnaire completed by kindergarten teachers with parents’ consent on children’s development.  The EDI provides group, not individual results, much like a census.

What does the EDI tell us          EDI and The Early Years

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The EDI covers five areas of child development:

1.Physical health and well-being – Includes being physically ready for school. Being well rested and properly nourished. Physical independence (well-coordinated movements). Gross motor skills (being able to catch and throw a ball, climb stairs). Fine motor skills (able to handle crayons and pencils).

2.Social competence – A child has self-confidence, is able to play with others and solve problems.

3.Emotional maturity Ability to concentrate, willingness to help others, ability to express emotions appropriately.

4.Language and thinking skills – A child is interested in reading and writing, able to recognize shapes and numbers.

5.Communication skills and general knowledge – Ability to communicate needs and understand others.



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